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Immigration Evaluations

We offer psychosocial evaluations for immigration purposes.  All psychosocial Immigration Evaluations are completed by appropriately trained psychotherapists, psychologists, or psychiatrist who are experienced in the specific type of evaluation you need for your immigration case.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of an evaluation? 

The immigration evaluation involves comprehensive in-depth interviews. The process timeline will depend on your specific petition. The interviews occur over the course of two to three meetings which are approximately 60-90 minutes each. During the assessment process, we will review your relevant personal, marital, family, work, medical and psychiatric history.

Who will be doing the evaluation? 

Federico Mendez, MS, LMFT completes the immigration evaluations. He has training and experience working with immigrants, trauma, victims of violence, and the intersection of mental health, physical health and the law. 

What if I need an interpreter? 

You are welcome to bring an interpreter with you. Please confirm with your attorney whether your interpreter needs to be a certified court interpreter. Federico Mendez, MS, LMFT is fluent in English and Spanish.

How much does an evaluation cost?

The cost of the psychosocial evaluations for immigration purposes varies due to unique needs for each specific case. Please inquire on your specific case needs for actual costs.

How long will it take? 

Most evaluations are completed within two weeks after the last interview. For expedited services, a 50% surcharge will be applied to the regular cost for a 5-business day turnaround.

Do I really need an immigration evaluation? 

Psychosocial evaluations can greatly increase your chance to remain in the United States. For instance, a recent study showed that applicants with psychosocial evaluations had significantly more positive outcomes, 75.4%, compared to the national asylum grant rate of 42.4%.

Do you work with law firms? 

Federico Mendez, MS, LMFT works directly with law firms to service their clients. 

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